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Special post--Asses for the Masses translated by ko ko thett

Special posting with permission from Poet ko ko thett.

He's a Poet with a capital P, but he spells his name like e e cummings in lower case.

No lower case about this Excellent translation--

Asses of the Masses.

Maung Phone Myint

Asses for the Masses 

According to surveys

The masses who have accidentally smashed into fala

Have abandoned their cyclone aid clothes

That do not fit their constitution

The voice of the masses must be heard in the

Implementation of federalism for 

The asses of the masses

In the upper regions of Chindwin & Monywa

The cattle of the masses are already pissing 

Through a hole in the back of their house

Into the urinal tracks of SEA Games

The opposition who have agreed in principle

To toe the toad in principle says

They will support the bill in earnest

Nationalism is the sixth column

In the genuine XXX union

That will consolidate the asses of the masses

The foundation has not been laid yet

Partly because

The asses of the masses are not firm yet

When a party colludes with another

& blow a rubber

Peter, in the face of the masses,

Becomes a parliamentary erect for the masses

A nail is driven into the thigh of the masses

Another, into their ass.

The Commission for the History of the Asses of the Masses

Has been approved

For the monkeys in musth

In the midst of a storm

The masses who do not know how to react

When the Allies in all grandeur enter them

Simply croon their national anthem

‘The Grandeur’ in unison

No Committee is available to answer

the paramount question from the masses:

How can we fuck your ass back?

The masses are a damaged condom

Between the cliff of cronyism

& the opposition in the establishment 

It has become an additional duty

Of the masses who grind their teeth & moan

‘Tough it out. We are simply in the wrong age.’ 

To tough out the tyranny of the civil society

In all holes of their communities

It’s also an absolute norm for the masses 

To step back another line, so

Their country won’t step back

As the good masses, we only know

How to wag our head in approval

As such, in each & each age,

The masses & the asses, the asses & the masses  

Are synonymous

I heard, it has always been that way 

Since the twilight years

Of the Konbaung Dynasty.

Translated by ko ko thett


fala : a Burmese neologism, the translator has no idea as to the etymology and meaning of fala, perhaps fala alludes to maha (see below)

The Grandeur : maha in Burmese, a Burmese song by Zaw Win Htut. Written by Mya Than San, the song is an oath to ‘the grandeur’ of pre-colonial Burmese dynasties and that of the post-colonial military regimes. The song was performed at the official opening ceremony of SEA Games in Myanmar in December 2013.

Konbaung Dynasty: The last dynasty of Burma (1752-1885) whose sovereignty was lost to the British. 

The original poem is available at the author's blog:


ko ko thett

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