Thursday, October 30, 2014

Seniors day out-- Midori concert rehearsal at the Kennedy Center--

As I said, I went to the Midori rehearsal at the Kennedy Center, M playing with the National Symphony Orchestra.
I was so nervous I would oversleep and miss my 8.45 AM bus, I took a shower the night before, and was just one notch short of my Philippina classmate in Boulder CO, when I first arrived, who said she always slept in her jeans if she needed to take a morning flight, and also packed a sandwich from Manilla, in case it was too dark and she was too tired when she got to NY and could not go out to eat.
Sounded reasonable enough to me, but of course customs threw out her ham sandwich.

I saw a custom bus waiting by the curbside at the Village Center near me, but the bus driver was sleeping inside and motioned to me to go to the Center, where the door was closed.

It's getting rather nippy, but the fountains are still on.

I saw one woman, but she said she was with the walking group.

The walkers were all dressed for walking, not to go to a classical music concert, albeit a rehearsal.

I used to walk with them before, before I got into the late night fiction writing, and before my favorite in that group, elegant, gracious Marjorie, died at the age of about 82.

Now maybe I should start trying again.

The group has reconstituted itself, apparently, with slightly younger folks and many Asians.  That should be interesting.

Presently they set off, and the music lovers arrived.

It was very easy, being shepherded by 2 staff members from the Center and going and returning almost door to door.

It only cost $25 and even the taxi one way cost $50 when I went to see the Shen Yun concert (balcony $95), in the midst of a very cold winter.


This is a rehearsal, the first I have ever been to.
They played one piece straight through, and it all sounded fine to me, but then the conductor, who had a most interesting conducting style, rehearsed the musicians over different phrases.

I think what he was doing was trying to bring up the drama of the dramatic moments, and the lyricism of the lyrical phrases.

It really was very interesting to me.

Classical music rehearsal (contd)

I was going to listen to Midori live! so I did not want to go in the clothes I might go to supermart with.

So I wore my customary black outfit with the light coat I made from Thai woven materials (I am wearing same on pic on L, taken with photographer Reza) and the same shocking pink scarf, also from Thailand.  I added a big floppy pink flower I made myself from the cut off edges of my old lambswool sweater.

I had to wear my wool coat on top as it was 40 degrees F.

On the bus, the lady in charge explained concert manners, cell phones off, no chatting and told us not to get lost, our bus was #--rehearsal from 10-12 noon--

and we should do everything we needed to do during the intermission.

During intermission the ladies line was winding round and round like a snake.

Someone behind me admired my hat, so I said, I needed my hat now due to the glare bothering my eyes, and I bought the hat and added the felt rose.

I asked what piece that was they just played, and woman next to me said, Mendelsohn, with bits of Bach thrown in, if you listen carefully you can hear it.

And the conductor?

She said a name like Eichorn?

(I can't go to NSO site right now as my laptop is acting up.)

The conductor would make little jumps when he wanted to emphasize something.

--back in--

saw Midori on stage tuning with first violin, wearing black skirt, black and white top with red piping, habitual severely pulled back black hair, and black pump shoes.

I got sleepy during this section and felt the orchestra playing loud did not go so well with M's soft style, anyway, nodded off, maybe bc I slept only a few hours last night.

Then either intermission (2nd) or end of rehearsal.

No one announced anything and paid no attention at all to the audience, about 300? in all, mostly seniors, mostly women.

But ushers there, and ushers also seniors.

Well, I have been a theatre usher in Philadelphia at the Annenberg Center, as I love plays and have written one, and being an usher is a great way to study plays.

So I asked the usher if it was the end of the rehearsal, as our lady of the bus had said 12 noon, and it was 12 noon.

Definitely not, Usher said, I think he's going to do the Mozart.

So I headed back in straight away.

No way will I miss any Mozart.  If I miss the bus, I can return on the Metro.

There is no snow and ice and there's a Kennedy Center shuttle.

I love Mozart.

(In Boulder my friend, a lady who had known poet Langston Hughes, got us tickets to The Magic Flute.  I headed in fast after intermission, as Act II starts with O Isis and Osiris, a lovely prayer.  Not this ISIS, of course, the Egyptian god Isis.)

Anyway, it was Mozart, and they did a pretty good job.

It sounded like the Overture to The Magic Flute.

--Back on bus, only 2 people a bit late, but as we all sat in our seats and Lady was very systematic, no one was left behind.

I am going to do more of these day trips in future, and book early, and even maybe some of the over-nighters, if my budget allows it.

Got back to Village very hungry and went and had salmon bento, the salmon piece getting smaller and smaller, but still a good deal.

Waitress said I looked "fresh" but I know her English is not so good, and she meant "well-dressed."


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