Wednesday, July 27, 2016

be careful in transliterating any language--these examples from Burmese--

Be careful in transliteration-- EU--written as အီးယူ "take shit"

lunar new year as luu nar (sick, invalid) new year.

go=start, said as thwa=go or teeth.

all 3 by professional newscasters/reporters.

Mispronunciation is also bad--Monet (maw nay) as maw net etc.

That's why I hardly read in Burmese now and do not listen to any of the newscasters, because the writing/reporting etc is so bad, from the girlie sweetie flirtatious voices, to the overly fast and empty delivery.

THWA=go, get lost.

I used to say this a lot

thwa thay like paw(t)

go die--


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