Friday, July 15, 2016

Institutionalized violence, RFK, Bill Moyers, Walinsky, Zarni and Me--

See below--there certainly is institutionalized violence, and violence using religion as an institution.

They are more violent because they are larger, system-wide, and able to draw on national resources.

Maybe on oil money--very dangerous, volatile and explosive, but that does not make them right.

Just deadly.

This note copied and posted from Dr Maung Zarni​  "My late dear friend's son Adam Walinsky was RFK's presidential campaign manager and wrote the latter's speeches. His father - Lou Walinsky - wrote some of the Burmese Prime Minister U Nu's speeches - like the long one on Marxism."
In a speech delivered in 1968, Robert F. Kennedy reflected on riots and violence in the streets and talked about the wrongs that Americans must right. "Today, his moving words are still so relevant, and we reprint them here for you to read and reflect on," writes Bill Moyers.

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