Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Book review--Kin Oung--Who really killed Aung San?

This is a much better book than I thought originally and well written and I think the BBC documentary pulled a lot on it.

U Kin Oung is the son of the police commissioner in charge of the investigation in 1947, who thought the British were more involved than most people think.

Maybe I should sell my copy as it is now out of print, apparently, and the price is now $35 to $113 per copy.

But I don't like to sell my books which I have collected with some difficulty.

I usually give away thrillers that I read once and other books that do not come up to my exacting standards,

but I do not like to sell them.

So I am keeping this for reference.

After all, when I bought some of the books, Amazon did not exist and it was not easy to get them, and it still is not easy to buy some books in Burmese--and they are never cheap--especially when you factor in losses in postage and transit, and the troubles of the writer.

This was written in Australia and published in Thailand.

Do read it if you can, it is worth it.


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