Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Quote of yesterday--from 2009 NCGUB's Our Vision Our Plan--

Quote of yesterday--from NCGUB Our Vision Our Plan--

see below--2009.
19. Federalism, States' or Ethnic Rights

To create unity and solidarity it is essential to adopt and practice a democratic system and multi-nationalism in accordance with the spirit of the historic Panglong Agreement. For instance the conditions under which the Shans joined was to join under a union/federal system, to have equal rights and status, Shan States must be given unfettered self-government, to be given the right to secede at any time if so desire.
These basic rights are likely to become explosive issues. CRPP mentions "a sufficient population" and the SPDC "constitution" also talks about "size of population" without mentioning the exact size of the population (when a separate state will be allowed). Leading democratic politicians have said that the Wa state, where the Wa have been given the right to bear arms and tacitly engage in opium and methamphetamine production, is likely to become a problem.

posted 7-26-2016
In retrospect, Rohingya became an explosive issue, mainly due to actions or instigations/attacks by junta supported internal state sponsored terrorism.
Images from Internet--Rohingya-Hanna Hindstrom
Ne Win, Aung San,  place of the fuhrer bunker in Berlin.

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