Thursday, July 07, 2016

My collection of 3 novellas--Home is Where? By K M Kaung

We all think we have a stable and good home, but do we really?

In this set of 3 stories, explore what it means to be at home, somewhere, anywhere.

What if someone built a wall right through your home country (The Berlin Wall), as in my story My Potsdam, here.

I took a day trip from Berlin to Potsdam in 2005, and I was so affected by what I saw, I wrote this.

People were stranded on different sides of a wall.

Now, mercifully, it is nothing but a line on a road, but people died to escape East Germany.

Abandoned yellow house, overgrown with weeds, now pulled down.

I went to Berlin for a few days, as I was invited as part of several SE Asian writers who "dare to confront."

They (House of World Culture) found us on the Internet.

I met some wonderful writers there, and I was the only one from Burma--

7 July 1962.

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