Sunday, February 05, 2017

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Self portrait 2009.

What this terrible surrealistic time under d t presidency has done is, I have to go for the Truth to standup comedians.

My TV made a puffing sound, emitted some foul smoke, and then went kaput about 3 years ago.

Since I was "in transition" I would not let my child buy me a new TV, and about a year before then I had taken out cable TV, as 50$ a month adds up and I did not like the programs anyway, except for the cooking one.

Now I follow on my laptop.

I don't think I could be a standup comic.

For one thing, my memory is not good.

Also, what if they do not laugh?

However, my good friend, MLY, a prof. of rhetoric and a fellow board member at a leading Burma democracy non-profit, said she thought me hilariously funny.

I just thought she thought I was funny because I did not know how to lie, and so everything I say is true and therefore "funny."

I've known about Saturday Night Live since the 1980s, but I did not like the humor that some of my women friends liked.

Later I liked Chris Rock, so amazingly bright.

These last few days I have rediscovered SNL, and the actors are really enormously talented.

Today, Trevor Noah, (see below) and Stephen Colbert.

At least, they hit the nail on the head and make you laugh.

I also liked Robin Williams communicating with a dolphin, poor man, now dead, and Steve Martin, breaking up with his wife in a movie, "as you're on the way out, please take the trash,"

and trying to get up from a futon.  Not to mention his onscreen wife revealing her breast, every time he starts to leave.

I am sad that many writers, comedians, poets, musicians, have had trauma in their lives, but that's what has made us artists.

Best to all the funny people, thank you for your courage and for making us laugh in these terrible times.


Roses for Comics, copyright KM Kaung, original textile design.
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