Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Quote of the day--from The Drive--

If Trump and his national security team are indeed going to make a major push to kill or capture high value targets around the globe using commandos as a way of drastically increasing the clarity of America’s intelligence picture, it will not go without major resistance at home and abroad. Americans are sick of hearing about KIAs after a decade and a half of perpetual warfare, and many at home and around the globe dread a return to the “optics” of the counter-terrorism realities of the Bush years. At the same time, a change in tactics could drastically increase the Pentagon and the CIA’s chances of dealing out crescendos of crippling blows to the enemy and eradicating some formal terror networks once and for all. 

KIA=killed in action

one said to have been killed in latest raid in Yemen--also 8 year old girl, daughter of Anwar Al Waliki (sp?)

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