Thursday, February 02, 2017

Quote of the day from Sydney Morning Herald--there was more, but I can't copy and paste more--in short, T. is shouting at every head of state and VIP

  • February 2 2017 - 7:35PM
Malcolm Turnbull learns Donald Trump doesn't 'make nice'
  new word Trumplomicy


But the new reality is that Trump and his team will throw anyone under the bus to make the new president look good. So it behooves Australian politicians not to go through the pretence, by omission or commission, that everything is hunky dory.
Turnbull would have Australians believe that his weekend phone call had been a meeting of minds – a successful exchange between important men, which was why he couldn't possibly comment, as other world leaders did, on Trump's controversial migration crackdown.
The truth, it seems, is that it was a bloody awful phone call. As Trump cut Turnbull short, the Australian must have figured that by saying nothing about the call publicly, that old gossamer illusion of ANZUS intimacy and sharing would prevail – and that he would be spared a public humiliation.
But Donald Trump doesn't "make nice", as Americans say.
He belittled British Prime Minister Theresa May – treating her with indifference as he lionised the Brexit bunch; lectured her on diplomatic appointments; and was rude in his diplomacy, telling her to drop in, if she was in this part of the world.
Trump mocks German Chancellor Angela Merkel, for her acceptance of massive numbers of refugees; threatens German BMW with tariffs; threatens to walk away from NATO; and cheers the possible disintegration of the European Union, of which he speaks as though it is a global mafia.

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