Monday, March 18, 2013

Kill off the characters your readers love most - a la GRRM

More books and Amazon -

I buy books on Amazon now, and publishing on Amazon sounds only a bit more complicated than clicking "publish" on my blog -  The rest has to do with Economics - and market share - I can buy anything on line now, and so why would I step out?

I always hated the smell of clothes on the racks. 

I even bought George R.R. Martin's books all on line and it was easy too to find the cheapest editions - I do it all the time - I only wish GRRM's latest book was shorter - I flip through all the pages where I don't like the characters - As an author I am learning to kill 'em off like GRRM - get very upset each time he does that - like he killed -- and his mother and he killed !!! at the end of book # 5 in 3 sentences - I'm going to practice that - It is so easy to write "the bullet hit him from  behind"  :)

I just did it.

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