Wednesday, March 06, 2013

VOA - interview of Ms Zin Mar Aung - in Burmese

Informal summary - not in order -

"You could say the changes were too fast and almost made you dizzy."

"Some were more positive about the changes than others, but what all (the American officials we met) had in common was, they wished to help.  Some were very emotional about it."

"We started as 13 of us meeting at the American Center.  Then in 2010 we thought it was time to do it outside (the American Center), the timing was right" - i.e. to form various groups, including a pol.sci. and international relations class/awareness group.  Harvard Professor Larry Diamond has spoken at the Political Science group."

"There still are challenges, the USDP (the government's party, the Union Solidarity Development Party) is aware that the NLD has these challenges and so are we."

You were a political prisoner yourself --

".  .  .  Like me coming from a political background - we were in and out of prison and had not really done politics, so we need to study (the situation) a lot."

Informal translation and summary, K.M.Kaung