Saturday, June 13, 2015

Against racial stereotypes--

Highly recommended--what does a Native American look like?

against racial stereotypes.

I heard/read one or 2 comments--on FB--when the Rohingya were being washed out to sea--

"How can they be Burmese, they don't look like us?"

And what do you look like?

Like Bright Sun, like M. Gold, like his Paoh wife?

Pl share this widely.

I am so tired of bigoted people.

Towards the end of this video the commentator said,

"But we all looked different then (before colonization) also."

Think about it.

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In 2003, in supposedly liberal Boulder, CO, a supposed Burmese democracy dissident, a very ugly man, greeted me in the morning by holding up his hand and saying, "How?"

I was so angry I have struck this piss pot from my rolls forever.

This was such a portentous couple, the woman carried around her photo taken with Daw Suu in her purse and enlarged in color, and pulled it out to show people ten times a day.

She then admitted she was frightened while in Burma (she is not Burmese) and asked a Persian-Burmese to accompany her next time.

This 2nd person has had a bad refugee experience--first to Tehran, then along comes Khomeini, so they have to leave again for the USA.  (Rather like the Nabokovs' journey from Russia in 1917.)  I told this person, whose ancestor had worked as a maid of honor in the Mandalay Palace, not to go.