Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Mothers and ISIS--special post and links--

Mothers and ISIS links--I looked for one and found dozens--

PROVIDE a nurturing understanding environment for yr children, however young or old they are.  It does not matter how rich or poor you are--yr children must feel they can share anything with you.

Otherwise they will just do things in secret.

Monitor their social media.

One reason people get drawn to cults/groups/religions and fraternities etc is they are looking for surrogate family and feel unloved and unappreciated at home.

When I was at Penn, the Christian Association's Rev Bev told me they had to regularly detox 1st year students out of cults at request of their families--

a group/cult shld NEVER ask you for your passport or your social security #--no one should.

Even I at sometimes feel unappreciated--so don't howl or sneer at yr loved ones--everyone has a reason for what they do.

Read as many of these as you can--

mom's call on children isis