Monday, June 15, 2015

Dream nightmare Fire Chicken Leg Heart--copyright Kyi May Kaung--

Photo--roast chicken by KMKaung--

Katrina knew something was wrong with the chicken meat, so she left it outside its wrapping, and may have eaten a small bit accidentally.  It did not taste right.
At about this time, the chicken parts reconstituted themselves into a seven foot man, who was ugly as hell and had bad teeth.  He snarled at Katrina with his bad breath and green teeth, and she struggled to keep him at bay.
He stepped off the veranda of the house, and it was then he fell into small pieces again.
Kate picked up all the pieces she could find (though she seemed to be missing some pieces) and packed them in double or triple or quadruple layers of plastic bags, called kyut kyut aik or bags that go kyut kyut in Birama.

She left the bag, tied tightly, on the front steps to the veranda, which wrapped around the house upstairs as well as downstairs.
Then her old mother hobbled up and did something inexplicable.
She had a spray bottle of anti-smell
and she started the spray the plastic bag full of bad meat.
"Be careful," Kate said, "That is highly flameable."
But her mother did not hear her, apparently, and continued spraying and moreover the flameable anti-smell became liquid and covered the bag and the veranda floor up to their knees.
The liquid just kept coming out of the bottle like water in the magic trick "Water of India."

Katrina did not know what to do, and just then, the whole veranda burst into flame with a big whoosh.

The column of flame went straight up like a big cylindrical column into the air.

Panic-stricken, Katrina ran into the house to get her children and run in the opposite direction, but just then she remembered that she must have eaten one chicken leg and the heart.

Now she felt herself changing and somehow she wasn't just seven feet tall, but ten feet tall.

She got giddy looking down at her feet.

But she realized she was more powerful than the man with green teeth like Mao Tse Tung.

After all, he was evil and she was good.

So she called on all her good deeds, or even her lack of bad deeds and thoughts, and called on the Earth, who had been there throughout, to bear Witness.

"With a huff and a puff I will blow your house down," she said, and she made the slightest of puffs--whuff--

almost like blowing out her 40 birthday candles.

But the fire went out.

In the flames she saw the chicken man falling apart.

"Don't come back!" Katrina shouted.

She reached in with her very long arm and hand, and pulled the bad heart right out of her stomach again.

It came out still beating, but she squeezed it dead.

Through the dying flames she saw a big banyan tree sprouting, and in the tree she saw the Buddha meditating.

She wished His Holiness would open his eyes and see her transformation and good deed,

but all she could hear inside her head was "Work out your own salvation." and His eyes remained closed.

But she was happy that the chicken meat man had disappeared completely, only a faint odor of burned and charred meat lingering in the air, with flying embers that she was careful not to get on her new white clothes.

She willed herself back into her normal size and shape, and waited calmly for the next battle.

Copyright KMKaung

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