Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dream nightmare of the twisted fork and the black phallus--Copyright Kyi May Kaung

It was pretty bad.  First off, Aktina Zink fell asleep on the futon.  Then she realized again, she had missed her Blink Don't Blink eye drops, which must only be used one drop per eye at night.

She checked the printed instructions, but they were not LARGE as in the first print out the dispensary/pharmacy had give her.

Instead they were so small, like ants in straight lines, that she had to bring out her magnifying glass and read with them.

But she remembered right.

They should definitely not be used with a normal eye drop medication, not within -- hours.

If dose missed, wait till next closest night and use same dose.  Keep out of reach of children.  They were meant to reduce pressure in the eye.

She must be careful.

She had definitely known an Alz person who had taken 2 pills by mistake and landed in ER (Emergency).
The nightmare was pretty bad.  They were all pretty bad.

She was married to the kingpin, but he was 7 feet 4 inches tall, i.e. 4 inches too tall.

She had already received notice that all Kingpins would be cut down to size, as they needed to be exactly 7 feet tall, not less or more.

This was the Birama Procrustean Bed.

So Aktina was worried that the 4 inches might be taken off his head or his feet.

Either way would be bad.
She went into the village on the Border.

Two young women came up to her, both about 20 years old, with their rust-colored hair in braids.

They seemed very anxious to tell her something, so Aktina went up close to them.

They whispered to her that her husband the kingpin was about to buy a house.  The bad guys had let him win at lay khaung jin (Four Animals Gambling) in the Than Highlands, and they were now going to get the eight pound bundle of money back, as a down payment on the house.

The twin women with braids said she had better go and take a quick look at it.

She did.

It was a very poor, insecure little shack, beside a
"swimming pool" that had steps cut down into it for about 50 feet.

The sides were as steep as a marble quarry and indeed, it might have been a marble quarry.

Their 4 year old went down, and she shouted at him, "It's dangerous.  Come back up at once!"

The child came up, but now it was the father.

The father was on the bed in the shack and was engaged in oral sex with a homosexual male.

She could see the black lingum looking like a piece of ebony carved into a stair bannister.

The kingpin turned around and smirked at her.

One look at the other rooms, and she knew she could not live in this place.

She knew she would be killed there, and the quarry was perfect for disposing of corpses.

She came back in the living room, and threw a heavy cut glass ashtray at the kingpin's head.

She could not understand why the foreign guests gave them ashtrays and cigarettes.

And whiskey bottles.

At the formal dinner for kingpins, she could not eat.  She was given an old twisted fork made out of gagne gagyi license plate cars in the chopshops of Yanmakone.

Beef or Boeuf or Buffalo was supposed to be a big treat, because in the premiership of Mr Tender, only the Than Hills were allowed to slaughter cattle, and the Specials at the Ceremonies.

But still the beef was too sinewy and old.

Aktina's teeth were not up to the job, as she had been conceived during WWII, and teeth are formed in the womb.

She chewed as long and as well as she could, sucked out the meat juices, and spat out the remains.

Copyright KMKaung
from The Kingpin and his Minions.


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