Tuesday, June 23, 2015

e copy of Let it Fly with the Flowers: Institute of Economics Essays, Rangoon, Burma out

with a different cover--

Special post--e book for Kindle of
Let it Fly with the Flowers:  Essays about the Institute of Economics, Rangoon, Burma, is out (with a different cover).


The interiors of the books are exactly the same--you just have a choice of 2 different covers.  Because, as Mrs. Everton once told me after dinner, "Kyi Kyi, the little green grapes or the little red grapes?  In America you have a choice."

If you buy one e copy, the next copy will be 99 cents and the copies for Kindle are only $3.59 each for the red cover and 3.49 for the grey cover.

Enjoy the reads as much as I did.

Get stuck in the mud, stuck on an escalator, squirm in Dr. Aye Hlaing's class, try and get a good grade in Daw Kyi May Kaung's eco. history classes.

Economics as she was taught, with (in order of appearance, not importance)

Daw Khin Khin Thein, Dr. Khin Saw Nyein, Thynn Thynn Wynn, Khin Pwint Oo, Tin Hta Nu, Ma Myo Nwe, Dr. Khin Nyo Nyo, U Tha Hto, U Hla Phyu Chit, Yee May Kaung, Khin Pwint Oo and Daw Sintheingie.

Re-enter our world as MA students and undergrads.

If you wonder what economics is like, this will give you a fair idea, but it is much more mathematical now.

But we had good professors and lecturers who made sure we knew the basics well.

dee sar oke ne ahr lone ko kadaw like par te.


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