Friday, June 19, 2015

Special Post--Inst of Ecos Rangoon Essays are out in Kindle--

Special Post--

Let it Fly with the Flowers:
--Essays about the Institute of Economics, Rangoon, Burma, now out in Kindle edition, only $3.49

Pl support us so we may publish more semi-academic non-fiction.

This comes under the Words Sounds and Images Series Political Economy of Burma.

Quite a long on line sample so you may read sample on line too.

Pl also post reviews.  You can do this if you ever bought anything from Amazon, not necessarily a book, or this book (though better to review something you have actually read.)

You could for instance buy some crayons or something.

On behalf of all the Contributors and my Economics Colleagues--Thank you.

Note:  The print edition may take a bit longer, as I noticed 2 small typos on the back cover which need to be fixed.

Also I like to see/order the proof copy before I "pass" it.


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