Sunday, May 14, 2017

E.g. of editing--original from Politico--does not differentiate well enough between SNL skit and reality

During Saturday's skit, reporters questioned McCarthy's Spicer on how they can trust what the president is telling him to say -- alluding to this past week's events.
"I'm telling you exactly what President Trump told me," she said, adding that Trump is her friend.
The skit led to Spicer traveling to Trump Tower in New York to ask Trump whether his job was really on the line.  In the skit--
KMK edit
The segments reflected   depicted  KMK edit
chaotic scenes outside the White House on Tuesday night  with as the communications team scrambled ing to deliver the president’s messaging message on Comey’s firing, a message In real life Trump subsequently blew up (message delivered by his surrogates at podium) in a wide-ranging interview with NBC News on Thursday.
The narrative initially conveyed by Vice President Mike Pence and the communications team – indicating the president followed the advice of Justice Department officials who recommended Comey be fired – was directly contradicted by Trump, who said he made the decision on his own.

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earlier in text,

During the tense week, Trump reportedly has canvassed aides about negative headlines the administration continually generates, and if he needs to change the public face of the White House press operation.
Several times throughout the week, Trump floated the idea of canceling press briefings "for the sake of accuracy." He suggested the administration could hold a briefing every two weeks that he himself would deliver. Said/tweeted his surrogates can’t be expected to stand at every podium and be 100% accurate.  KMK

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