Saturday, May 27, 2017

My tweets on my fiction

  1. Here a "Burma-Thai" story fr 6th century wh Burmese regularly raidd Ayuthia for over 200 yrs. Man who rode crocs.
  2. Here are some stories I wrote as fiction, based on real stories. Tragedies of Burmese on Burma-Thai border.
  3. Let me tell you later / Burmese refugees monks workng in chickn factories, women & girls in brothels in Thailnd Men in fisheries as slaves
  4. My short stories I was not an immigrnt but a refugee For those who think immgts are "taking American's jobs."
  5. I was first made aware of FGM problm in writng group wh an Egyptian woman spoke about it. I then did more research to write my novella FGM.
  6. Based on research, this story on FGM below, is based in Christian Ethiopia, & there reports of drs. carrying out procedure in USA.
  7. My novella FGM about the mutilation of women. This is not so much a "Muslim problem" as it is an African problem.