Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Retweets ref Comey fired by Trump--sorry, too many to post individually--

  1. Holy shit. Step away to take care of your kid for 60 minutes and crazy things happen.
  2. Matthew Yglesias Retweeted Ben White
    But for totally unrelated reasons!
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  3. Matthew Yglesias Retweeted Michael S. Schmidt
    Once you decide on a course of action it's important to come up with some reasons.
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  4. Matthew Yglesias Retweeted The Spectator Index
    Come on
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  5. Comey’s sudden dismissal looks an awful lot like a cover-up. How long will Congressional Republicans let him get away with these moves?
  6. Tired of winning yet?
  7. Let’s not play dumb: Trump lies all the time and he’s dangerous.
  8. Could be about Russia but it could be about a dozen other things. It's just definitely not about emails.
  9. With the Comey firing, Trump has his Watergate moment. Will it end differently for him than it did for Nixon?
  10. Matthew Yglesias Retweeted Matt House
    Makes you wonder if this is somehow not entirely on the level
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  11. Hope Trump is covering up something better than a pee tape.
  12. I like that Trump didn't even have a replacement lined up
  13. Matthew Yglesias Retweeted Josh Rubin
    Another funny coincidence
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  14. In other news: WV Journalist arrested for trying to ask and questions during visit
  15. The reckless thing about Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell is they have no idea what they are helping to cover up.
  16. Matthew Yglesias Retweeted Carlos Curbelo
    When you're a star they let you do it
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  17. Matthew Yglesias Retweeted David Doniger
    There is so much crookedness that has nothing to do with Russia; coverup could be over almost anything or everything.
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  18. You can't really explain the inexplicable
  19. Rosenstein's memo is actually quite well-reasoned but given his reputation I'm surprised he was willing to act as patsy in this scheme.
  20. Replying to
    A new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.
  21. When Trump was caught confessing to routine sexual assault it was the last straw for many Republicans for about five to ten days.
  22. If wants to prove he has nothing to hide, there's only one person I can think of to replace James Comey:
  23. Kyi Kaung Retweeted Robert Swartwood
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