Thursday, May 25, 2017

tweets--DT has stopped tweeting, at least overseas, fails to disclose foreign earnings, revealed location 2 US subs to Duterte--lovely--

  1. Trump casts wider net in search for FBI director - via he'll look for another goats balls R
  2. Sessions didn't disclose meetings with Russian officials on security clearance form - via
  3. Trump failing to track foreign cash at his hotels via !!!!
  4. The Trump Orgn tells Congress it's 'not practical' to comply with the emoluments clause, reports
  5. Trump Organization won't identify hotel guests from foreign governments via
  6. State Department Removes Webpage Featuring Trump's For-Profit Club, Mar-A-Lago
  7. Trump Said He Would Donate Foreign-Government Profits; Docs Suggest Limited Effort you bet
  8. Russia looms over Trump's meetings with European leaders via

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