Sunday, May 14, 2017

Melissa McCarthy's plus size clothing line--
I googled, Where does Melissa Mc buy her clothes, and these came up.

The B & W dress she wore on SNL was so pretty.

Of course, you may not need + size women's clothes.  :)

But if you do, you can also get them at Macys.

If this is too exp. for you, you can study how to expand a basic pattern and make, embellish or modify store bought items along these lines, or as my aunt suggested, buy hose and tops pants in maternity sections.

While real pregnant women try to show off their "baby bumps" which I think is a terrible turn of phrase.

I have cannibalized

sarongs into tops vests coats

2 pants into one top or vest

collectible clothes, even my mother's sarongs into fancy tops or jackets.

I am now studying with the famous Japanese designer at The New School in NY via youtube on how to make "origami" bodice fronts.

Everything is possible and if it was good enough for Tennesee Williams' grandmother, it's good enough for me.

I have even upcycled my wedding (casual) clothes.

The good thing is, if you are wearing bits of your parents' or aunt's clothing, they make you feel very EMPOWERED, as if they come with you to all impt events in your life.

Much better than storing them in a suitcase and having them develop permanent folds.

When I sell my wearable art, I "transfer" the joy of making these pieces to the lovely ladies who bought them.

One said, "I will wear this with great joy."

I also watched women choosing costume jewelry for themselves, and I found they instinctively choose what suits them.

But sometimes women make the worst choice possible, and then I think it is up to the shopkeeper to steer them to something much more flattering.


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