Friday, May 12, 2017

T. lawyers push back, but without data.

Photos of DT with Lavrov "They arrested him, you're kidding.  You're kidding,"  quick exit

and Kissinger, Nixon's long time NSA, in Oval Office.

Top photo from TASS, Russian new agency, US reporters not allowed in.

Comedian Trevor Noah is joking that they gave him a "plant" with mikes sticking out.

Comedian Melissia McCarthy just rolled down one block of 59th St in New York in front of Time Warner Building on "Sean Spicer's podium"

This is in ref. to Spicer, hiding in or among bushes on night of 5-9-2017, immediately after Comey firing and his disappearance from the scene since.

Spicer is said to be doing Reserve Duty in the Pentagon.

Huckerbee Sanders and Bellyache were flapping tongues, but now stopped as T. contradicted them in yesterday's interview with NBC at the WH.

T. said he intended to fire Comey all along and it was not due to the memo written by the Attorney General.

Stay tuned.

More flap coming.



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