Monday, May 22, 2017

Saw opera Madame Butterfly --

Truly memorable & perfect in every way, as was the exhibit of Jun Kaneko's Heads.

Beautiful production, with video screens displaying digital art, abstracts, that evoked the changing seasons, the sea and the time of day and night.

I particularly liked the "take on the Japanese flag" at the end.

The movements in the video art were very well synchronized with the music.  Both the production designer and the lighting designer were brilliant.  I think it must all be pre-programed, the electronic parts

Really wonderful.  Likewise with all the casting, costumes, orchestra and the singing and acting.

I particularly like opera audiences since I first saw, from a great distance away, a Pavarotti concert in Central Park.  They express their feeling very loudly.  This time, there was a standing ovation of about 10-15 minutes and some boo-ed the tenor who played the bad guy, but they were really boo-ing his character, the character he played, Pinkerton.

When I watched the movie version on Youtube, the audience also had similar visceral comments--such as "That Pinkerton is a real a--hole,"

and then another commentator said; "It's a movie, dudes."

Maybe it is a bit stereotyped, but maybe that's why we can all relate to it on a human level.

There were 4 sopranos and 2 tenors singing the title roles on different days.

The little boy was also so cute and on stage for almost half of the second act.

If you can find the Youtube version of the opera, watch it.

The plot and all the dialog is almost the same as this stage version.

Try and see it if the live opera comes to your city.

Thank you RB and NC and FBB for making trip possible.


Kyi May Kaung
Words Sounds and Images

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