Monday, May 22, 2017

Not so funnies -- Sinkhole in front of Mar a Lago

  1. I am sure many hope it is a black hole. 5-22-2017
  2. belligerent man in Trump hat kicked off a flight as a crowd chanted: 'Lock him up!' - via
  3. Sinkhole opens outside Trump’s Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach
  4. A sinkhole just opened in front of President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate THE ORB DEMANDS SACRIFICE
  5. Chad Fondiller Retweeted Town of Palm Beach
    The sinkhole began forming seconds after the Orb was touched.
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    rare heroic sinkhole πŸ•³
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    🍊Look, I have the best sinkhole. Everyone's talking about my sinkhole. It's yuge. Tremendous. Really. Great, great sinkhole. Believe me. 🍊
  9. Sean Spicer wants to make it very clear there is NOT a sinkhole in front of Mar-A-Lago... It is a Florida Swamp Center.
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    That's not a sinkhole that's an escape route...
  11. Sinkhole, or portal?
  12. My working theory: It’s a hellmouth, not a sinkhole.
  13. Hate to be pedantic, but the Mar-a-lago sinkhole isn't *technically* a metaphor, because metaphors aren't *that* obvious.
  14. glennwsmith Retweeted Talking Points Memo
    The Sinkhole: Our New National Symbol.
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  15. Full Frontal Retweeted Town of Palm Beach
    "Give us a sign, God." [sinkhole appears in front of Mar-A-Lago] "Hm, can't be sure that's anything."
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  16. Peter Stevenson Retweeted Town of Palm Beach
    The swamp is draining?
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  17. US Summons Turkey Envoy Over DC Clashes During Erdogan Visit

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