Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Costume embroiderer for Game of Thrones and Elizabeth I


I feel like going out and buying water soluble fabric, threads etc and digging out my embroidery hoops.

Because she works with the head designer and already constructed costumes, she only has to design and do the embroidery.

Like some sites of famous writers, she shares her process generously, and there is even a link to a Youtube showing how to embroider a motif.

I have re-embellished some jackets from the 1990s, which I found too dated and unimaginative.

In the 1950s, my mother had some sequined motifs in blue, which she bought ready made in London, and attached to dark blue satin, which she allowed me to wear once, but it did not work well as a wrap longyi with no tie, as the fabric was too slippery and heavy and kept sliding off.

I wish I had this cloth now, for I could remake it into a very nice top.

Ah well, some of the many things that are only in my memory from my mother's closet.

Once I am in the New State, I will again go to flea markets and buy old linen etc and construct some romantic, mythical clothes like these.

Then I will apply for tables at flea markets and do the rounds.

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