Monday, May 08, 2017

Exiled Prince of Burma, Tiger Yawngwe, died in 2014

I saw him briefly in Alberta in c 1991 when I went there to give a talk on Burma.  He brought his mother, the Mahadevi.

I was able to run after her to the ladies' room and thanked her for sheltering my parents and others in Yatsauk, near the waterfall, during the Japanese Occupation during World War II.

She said she recognized my name and asked if I was U Kaung's daughter.  When Tiger said Yes, she decided to come to my talk, she said.

The event was sponsored by the Canadian Friends of Burma.

If the Yawngwes had not sheltered my parents during the war, I might never have been born.

In 2013-16 when I was on Facebook a lot, I "met" the Yatsauk Sawbwa's daughter who remembered my parents and my elder brother coming to Yatsauk from Taunggyi.  She was about 6, like my brother, and remembered it as a happy time in the woods.

When Tiger walked into the conference room, he forgot to turn off the lights on his geological truck, all spattered with mud.

It was terribly cold and he could not start the truck after the event.  The Mahadevi was sitting in the cold cab, but I think they managed to restart the truck.

I am so sorry I did not know when Tiger passed away.


Kyi May Kaung
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