Monday, May 08, 2017

France has either better luck or better citizens, more discerning, as hack/dump falls flat

Quote from Washington Post--today--

Voters, meanwhile, mostly waved away the news, saying their decision came down to more consequential matters. And they backed Macron by a wide margin, 66 to 34 percent, handing him a decisive victory over Le Pen.
“The release is not important to me,” said Michèle Monnery, 74, after casting her vote for Macron in Laon, a small city in the north. “What matters to me is stopping Le Pen.”
Analysts immediately presumed the intrusion was designed to prop up Le Pen in the final stretch of a bruising campaign that had the power to dictate the future of an integrated Europe. They refrained, initially, from assigning blame for the hack, although experts concluded that its propagation began in the United States with a cluster of Twitter accounts run by members of a far-right movement whose aim is a whites-only state. 
Now multiple research firms have linked the hacks to those that compromised the Democratic National Committee last year — links suggesting that Russian intelligence services accused of interfering in the American election may have sought to do the same in France. The finding was made last month, after the first round of voting, by Trend Micro, a Tokyo-based cybersecurity firm that fingered Russian hackers, known variously as Pawn Storm, APT28 and Fancy Bear. Recent analysis by Flashpoint Intel in New York came to the same conclusion, namely that the French hack “appears to be linked to the Russian state-sponsored campaign by APT28

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