Friday, June 20, 2014

My query letter to a bookstore in Asia--

I am a well-known Burmese-born writer, now residing in the USA.  I have won several awards, including being a Pew Finalist twice in Literature and my play Shaman, about a hpii dancer, was praised by renowned playwright Edward Albee.  I am currently converting it into a novel.  I have also won a Fulbright and a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Award.
Of my stories listed below, (cut and pasted into this email) Rider of Crocodiles is about a Thai man who was not killed but taken to Ava in 1767, based on a real story.  Dancing like a Peacock and Koel Bird are about immigrants on the Burma-Thai border.  All my books will appeal to a young adult audience which is internationally oriented.
You may order my books here on Amazon if you are interested in having them in your stores.
I have been to the main store and bought many books there,
Kyi May Kaung 
Links to my recent publications of novellas and short stories.
1. No Crib for a Bed and Other Stories, Kindle Edition
No Crib for a Bed, print edition
2. The Lovers, print edition
The Lovers, Kindle edition
3. Black Rice, print edition
Black Rice, Kindle Edition
4. Dancing like a Peacock and Koel Bird
My two stories, Dancing like a Peacock and Koel Bird are also available on Create Space, print edition. Published by Words Sounds and Images--
A seven year old girl is sent off across the border to earn a living and send money home to Burma. A computer expert finds--

My short story collection-

Dancing like a Peacock & Koel Bird, also includes Little Transparent Fetus Buddha.

Print (soft cover) + Kindle editions
5.  FGM—Kindle edition
FGM: A Story about the Mutilation of Women.
Dr. Aset, a trained gynecologist with several post graduate American degrees, lets herself be drawn into an inappropriate

My novella FGM is now available on Kindle--

there is also a print edition on the CreateSpace/Amazon store.
6.  The Rider of Crocodiles
print edition
Kindle edition

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