Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Timur Ruby--

Timur Ruby, that belonged to Mughul emperors, inscribed with their names on the ruby itself, in Persian, I am sure.

"Given" by East India Co. to Queen Victoria (with the whole of India of course)--and now among the Queen E II's jewels--
That's why I hate jewels.

Come with a lot of blood from the get go, to get them out of the ground, and end with a lot of blood.

My former spouse "loved" Marie Antoinette's flawless diamond ear-rings, with her till she mounted the guillotine,

but I hate that sort of thing.  It is now in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum on the Mall, in Washington DC.

Still, may write a novel of one of the most famous gemstones.

Everyone should see the movie Blood Diamonds, with Leonardo Decaprio (sp?)


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