Monday, June 02, 2014

What is genocide?

Highly recommended--
What is Genocide? London Conference on the Destruction of Myanmar's Rohingya

Sociological tools for analysis--
6 stages starting with stigmatization
division between us and them and isolation
stage 5 is physical annihilation.
stage 6 is erasing the social memory of the victim group "not only do they not exist now, but they never existed."

These stages may overlap but form a clear sequence.

If you have any grey matter in your head and not excrement like a shrimp or lobster, you will recognize this is what is happening to the Rohingya of Burma right now.

Recently I "followed" an interesting, I thought anthropological video on the Danu, which said they were really Arakanese.  An Ararkanese person then objected streneously.

Then I went to the original site and I was revolted to find that this foreigner had also swallowed the NPT line hook line and tackle, up to the "start"--the alleged rape of a young woman in 2012.  But now I read from  a reliable source that she was killed, but not raped.

So needless to say, this site was so partisan and biased, I have noted the name and won't ever invite that person nor visit again.

It was in short a hate site.

It is not right to exterminate people as a group, even though it's what Genghis Khan did, it's what Hitler did and so on.