Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sunday morning in Manhatten by K.M.Kaung

A little conversation in Manhatten--with one of my first cousins.

What are your going to do tomorrow morning.

In the afternoon I am taking the Amtrak back home.

But what will you do in the morning?


Oh, you can't do nothing.

Do you want me and --to come into town and show you around.

Is there anything you want to see.

Not particularly.  I've already been to the Met and seen all the Buddhist art.

(My first cousin is Christian)

I might like to go inside St. Patrick's Cathedral, as never been inside, but never mind.

You've all spent a lot of time with me already.  I've already taken about 8 hours of your weekend.

But what will you do?

I will pack my luggage and I will read the Sunday New York Times.

And I did.

Then I had breakfast downstairs, then I walked along the streets (one street) on the Upper West Side, then I walked along a farmer's market, then I sat on a bench, then I walked in the gardens of the Natural History Museum, and then I took a taxi to Penn Station, and it was a very good way to spend a Sunday morning in Manhatten, doing nothing.


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